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Our February Family

Our family for the month of February is the Hammond family,  a family of four. Like many, they are facing financial hardships due to Covid-19. Maintaining a stable place to live, employment, and access to childcare has been a challenge for the family since being laid off. Providing for their two daughters is their main priority.

“Hi we are a family of 4 with a 5 years old and a 3 years old, These past two years have been a hectic rollercoaster dealing with my abusive, possessive, and stalking father of my kids I’m just trying to get to a safe stable environment for my kids. Me and my partner are actively looking for employment and housing but it’s not that easy with covid-19 and no childcare but we are very optimistic and will do anything to make sure our kids are safe and warm”

— The Hammonds

You can donate cash directly to the Greshams –  

Cashapp $TheGreshams


Our March Family

Our family for the month of March is Chantee Botelho.

“My name is Chantee Botelho and I’m an mother of 5 children and now 2 grandchildren. I moved to Georgia from Rhode Island to give my children a better life. I do believe I accomplished that, but at times I feel I failed. I worked for an company in Rhode Island that worked with adults and children with different disabilities. I loved what I was doing and once I made the move to Georgia my life pushed me to do it as my own business. Once I moved to Georgia my dad got I’ll had to be on Dialysis and my mom got him care from companies that would come to the home and give him assistant. He was approved a certain amount of hours an week. Each and every company would not give him the proper care or any care at all so my mom canceled eventually. So in 2015 I try to start my mobile personal assistant company called Sky’s The Limit Personal Care. I was so happy because I wanted to start a company with excellent training to give the best care. It was so much I didn’t know about starting my business and getting a license to be an provider was very expensive so I said I’ll work until I can get the amount. As life would be things happened my car broke down and since then I never could get back on my feet. My dad end up with Dementia and was put in a nursing home then he caught Covid survived it but had do many Complications after he eventually died this February 14, 2021 on Valentine’s Day. I made it my determination to finish what I started because growing up my dad had his own business in Massachusetts and he did it all on his own. Now that my hero, my rock the reason of it all is gone. I want to make him proud. I need help I have no car for over an year now and stil trying to save money but I Uber an Lyft to work now every day to and from. Once I get paid I can’t do anything but just to keep on continuing on until my life changes.”

— Chantee Botelho

You can donate cash directly to Chantee Botelho –  

Her Cash App is $Skysscrub


Our May Family

Our family for the month of April is Katrina Davis.

If you would like to donate to Katrina Davis please contact us at [email protected].